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Take a break: procrastination found to bolster productivity

While the act of procrastination is viewed by many as something highly unacceptable, a trait of the lazy and easily-bored in society, research shows that it may actually lead to increased productivity.


Professor and procrastination expert Piers Steel, Ph.D, gathered 24 participants and divided them in two groups in an effort to assess whether delaying tasks helped or hindered their completion.

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ADT for Prostrate Cancer and link to Dementia gains new Evidence

Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is a common treatment for prostate cancer, which lowers testosterone. A recent analysis has found substantial evidence linking ADT to dementia.



A new and simple way of dealing with articular and muscular


Vitamin C can help prevent leukaemia and other blood cancers

Like all good ideas, the premise is simple.

Pain does not occur at the point of pain - but in the connective tissue attached to the articulation where the pain is felt, which, in the absence of any structural or skeletal underlying issue, can be alleviated or reduced by rebalancing and or strengthening the muscles nearest to that joint in pain.

I always reasearch and try things out before I refer them and over the past few months, I have personally,  experimented with some of this author's suggestions regarding various types of knee and other pain -   it makes sense and really has made a difference. more...


An exercise in conscious awareness of the physiology of the spine, gently synchronising the articulations of the shoulders, pelvis and upper legs, their impact on the vertebrae and the surface and deep muscles of the neck, back and spine.





The Health Benefits

of Gratitude on...


The Most Unfortunate Design

Flaws in the Human Body on...

Anatomical Man

Ginger as Effective as Synthetic

Drug in Migraine, but

Without the Side Effects on...

Ginger fasting_can-change-your-life_01

So many people are put off by the word FASTING.

It holds various negative connotations for most, which is a pity, as this simple act of denying yourself food for a short peiod of time, can be hugely beneficial.


Everybody has fasted at some point in their lives, with perhaps the first time being when you simply felt too ill to eat- maybe as a child -  and couldn't face food for a few days, whilst consuming liquids. of course.


At that point your stomach was free from having to digest solids.


And that, simply, is the nearest definition of fasting you can find.


And, of course, fasting comes in various on.


Fasting, Juicing and Liquid Food by Elson M Hass MD/1

Fasting, Juicing and Liquid Food by Elson M Hass MD/2


Benefits of Fasting  by Peter Weeks

Nutrition Green Tea

If you have cancer, then most of these foods should be included in your daily protocol.

A new scientific review identifies 25 of the top foods and herbs which kill the cancer stem cells at the root cause of cancer malignancy.


And top of the list is Green Tea!


The primary reason why conventional chemotherapy and also  radiotherapy have failed to produce any significant improvements in cancer survival rates is because cancer stem cells are resistant to these interventions. In fact, chemotherapy and especially radiation are both capable of increasing the number and virulence of these cells in a tumor, while at the same time having the well known side effect of further damaging the patient's immune system.


The new study addresses the relevance of cancer stem cells as follows:


The cancer stem cell model suggests that tumor initiation is governed by a small subset of distinct cells with stem-like character termed cancer stem cells (CSCs). CSCs possess properties of self-renewal and intrinsic survival mechanisms that contribute to resistance of tumors to most chemotherapeutic drugs. The failure to eradicate CSCs during the course of therapy is postulated to be the driving force for tumor recurrence and metastasis. Recent studies have focused on understanding the unique phenotypic properties of CSCs from various tumor types, as well as the signaling pathways that underlie self-renewal and drug resistance." the full article....



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In words, this picture is what this site is all about.

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These are everyday words for everybody to remind ourselves of our reality, and gently nudging us to do something about those words that resonate within each and everyone of us.