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Take a break: procrastination found to bolster productivity

While the act of procrastination is viewed by many as something highly unacceptable, a trait of the lazy and easily-bored in society, research shows that it may actually lead to increased productivity.


Professor and procrastination expert Piers Steel, Ph.D, gathered 24 participants and divided them in two groups in an effort to assess whether delaying tasks helped or hindered their completion.

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Health Matters

What's lurking in your lungs? Surprising findings emerge from microbiome research

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Emotionally supportive relationships linked to lower testosterone

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Research reveals how family history can affect your memory of hangovers

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Genetic association with aggressive prostate cancer discovered:

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What's lurking in you lungs supportive relationships lower testosterone

Do you ever think about the effect the food you are eating is going to have on your cells and tissues?

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Conscious Breathing




Anatomical Meditation

for Cancer People


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News, lead articles,  and stories covering a wide range of heatlh matters.

“Everything depends on the mind”  especially when in comes to chronic illness, like cancer.

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Our mind as powerful as painkillers1 Think about food

Bipolar disorder: New method predicts who will respond to lithium therapy

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Vitamin C - once the villain - now the darling in the treatment of cancer.


Lifestyle intervention leads to 10-point drop in systolic blood pressure -

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How eating less can slow the aging process

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Who sweats more: Men or women?

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Early birds may make healthier food choices than night owls

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Is back pain killing us?........

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Simple Back Exercises

Cannabis: Non-addictive pathway to pain relief?

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Lifestyle intervention leads to 10-point drop in s How eating less can slow the aging process Sweaty Arm M:F Early birds may make healthier food choices than n Paracetamol & back pain Cannabis Non-addictive pathway to pain relief Bipolar disorder- New method predicts who will respond to lithium therapy a family history of alcoholism Prostate cancer mutation

Helping you

to help yourself


'Bad luck' mutations increase cancer risk more than behaviour,

second study says

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Mind over Cancer?

It helps.



 Intermittent Fasting

Tired of 3 meals a day?

Try just 2.

And feel amazing




Side effects of long term male hormone therapy for prostrate cancer  are horrendous



ADT for Prostrate Cancer and link to Dementia gains new Evidence

Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is a common treatment for prostate cancer, which lowers testosterone. A recent analysis has found substantial evidence linking ADT to dementia.



A lightbulb moment!

A new and simple way of dealing with articular and muscular pain.

Like all good ideas, the premise is simple.

Pain does not occur at the point of pain - but in the connective tissue attached to the articulation where the pain is felt, which, in the absence of any structural or skeletal underlying issue, can be alleviated or reduced by rebalancing and or strengthening the muscles nearest to that joint in pain.

I always reasearch and try things out before I refer them and over the past few months, I have personally,  experimented with some of this author's suggestions regarding various types of knee and other pain -   it makes sense and really has made a difference.

This site is all about helping you to help yourself, by posting a wide range of information up that, hopefully, you can use in everyday life.

And this is just one of those books that come around from time to time that will make a difference - because it works.

It is also attractive to me because it intelligently and articulately analyses conventional diagnosis,  prognosis and therefore, treatment of these normal aches and pains that affect almost everybody I know -  by throwing surgery or painkillers at the problem, or both.


 Read more from the pain specialist Dr. Mitchell Yass Phd....

Yet another friend dies from an infection he was too weak to fight, after two years of cancer "treatment".

Just another prostrate cancer diagnosis.

Followed by the usual 2 years of life changing procedures, which ravaged his immune system.

Just a month ago the cancer spread to his pelvis, which required a replacement hip.

Whilst recovering from the operation, infection set in, from which he never recovered.

It just doesn't seem right - does it? on