A picture is worth a

thousand words


In words, this picture is what this site is all about.

Different words that reflect something of everyday experiential reality to everyone.

What word  in the picture above gels with you today or catches your attention?

If there is one - just pause for a moment and reflect on it.

These are everyday words for everybody to remind ourselves of our reality, and gently nudging us to do something about those words that resonate within each and everyone of us.

eating and drinking

“Everything depends

on the mind”

Our mind as powerful as painkillers1

The first 5 words of this headline, was a chapter heading in R H Blyth’s beautiful collection -  Zen in the Art of English Literature -  first published in 1942 by Hokuseido Press in Japan.


It was true then as it is true now.


How we think affects everything we do and when it comes to chronic sickness, our minds play a pivotal role.


In the preface to their 1986 book, The Healing Brain - Robert Ornstein and David Sobel, simply stated “the brain minds the body”.  (They didn't apologise for the pun).