We've sorted through the research so you don't have to.

Because back pain is much more complex and complicated than most people think.

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So...what do I do about back pain?

Well, everybody's different, but here are 6 Rules for you to begin to come up with some answers.



Relieve your pain.

If you are not totally disabled, get rid of aches and pains in your back pretty quickly with our breathing and relaxation movements, lying on your back on a carpet in your home.

They are easy to learn and simple to do.

And they work.

"I never knew how much a class like this would help me just by laying down on my back and breathing to relax, just great."

All quotes taken from the classes held at SenSpa - see Testimonials page. Go to for more


Check out how stressed you are.

Stress leads to muscular tension - which is a major cause of back pain.

"The everyday tips you give us on stress, posture and sleep for example, are easy to do".



Give yourself a posture check.  

Do you stoop or have round shoulders for instance?

"My posture is improving every day - thank you".



Take a look at your lifestyle.  

Like Diet - Sleep - Perception - Recreation - Exercise.

"The movements and tips are easy to fit into your day to day life"



Do some specific exercises to restore the backs natural alignment.


"Thanks to the back movements prescribed for me by David Passmore, my sciatica has virtually disappeared, apart from the occasional twinge which is very quickly fixed by applying breathing and the movements on my back again"



All this is available to you right here.





No referrals  - no drugs  - no endless and often painful procedures.

We will show you how to take care of your back step by step, day by day.

You'll be glad you did.

And think of the time and money you will save.

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