I was diagnosed with medium grade follicular lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph glands in the mid 1980's.


I refused conventional medical treatment, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy available at the time - even though there were enlarged lymph glands in my groin, neck and upper arms.


I intuitively felt the treatments on offer weren't for me, even though I had researched them and knew of their possible side effects, which, as we all know, are not at all good.  It was also apparent to me that the oncologists themselves often seemed to be guessing at the results of their proposed treatments.  


It almost seemed like a lottery and it certainly did not inspire much confidence in me at all.  


And another thing - the treatments seemed to make you very sick, resulting in your immune system becoming weakened by these treatments, destroying healthy cells on their way to the cancer cells - and that didn't make sense either.


I had to accept that this was my disease, no one knew why I had picked this up; that it was my responsibility and that I had to deal with it.  


And I really had this firm belief, that given a bit of luck and time, along with a lot of hard work, I could heal myself.


With the full approval of my oncologist at the time, Professor McEllwein of the Royal Marsden in Sutton, I chose instead to learn about the physiology of the disease, focus my mind through meditation training and conscious breathing on it, educate myself on the best nutrition to boost my immune system, alter my lifestyle appropriately, exercise regularly and to practise this each and every day.


By the end of 1985 I was completely free of any signs of the disease.


Dealing with my Cancer


I chose to deal with my cancer head on, which I admit, is not for everybody.  I was not in fear of its consequences. I wanted to know all about it. I was amazed that I had been diagnosed with it and although I knew it could be life threatening, I instinctively felt that I could take it on and deal with it.

Was it courage or just simply a wish not to suffer the horrendous side effects of the treatments on offer?  It was probably a mixture of both.


I learned  a few things about cancer:

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment and just loves sugar.

I went alkaline and cut my sugar/fructose intake almost completely - that meant most fruit and  carbohydrates, which iwas very difficult to do as  this formed most of my staple diet and I fed mostly on raw vegetables as much as possible.

Cancer cells find it difficult to survive in a high oxygen environment so I needed to increase the levels of oxygen in my blood. I increased the times I practised conscious breathing and meditation every day and I began to take an oxygen supplement.

I needed to produce more white blood cells.  Certain foods can do this and of course Vitamin C, which I took each day, almost to bowel intolerance along with a range of other suplements.


Other things I needed to do was to reduce stress and this is a cancer growth promoter and get a regular good nights sleep.


To kickstart the whole procedure, I fasted for a week on water only and long periods of meditation with conscious breathing - just to inform my body that changes were on the way and then I began to do this every day - apart from a break on one of the weekend days - mostly on Sundays.


The meditation was key - using my conscious mind to take over the breathing mechanism in order riaise my levels of focussed concentration and to work with my subconscious mind using anatomical visualisation to trigger off and maintain the natural healing ability inherent in us all at the cellular level.


During these times I felt the power of my spirit - my energy - giving full support to the implicit belief I have in our self healing capabilities.  


For me, it literally was mind - energy - over matter - body.


A sense of humour and smiling inside


One thing I chose always to do, apart from being big on positive, was to smile inside, as often as I could remember to do so – it was and still is, an amazing feeling – consciously smiling inside.  And I always felt – and still do – that it gives you a lovely warm feeling, consciously providing the body/mind with what I can only describe as a contented peacefulness.  


No matter what happened from day to day – this was a focal point and I made it so during my daily meditation and conscious breathing exercises.


As Confucius said, I always looked to "seek out the shortlived joys of today" and laughed at myself and with others as often as the opportunity arose to do so.


So, I had it both ways, laughing on the outside and smiling on the inside - a powerful antidote which worked for me and still does.


Today, nothing has changed on the cancer treatment front - still the same old chemotherapy - radiotherapy and operation as the only options for patients with various types of cancer - now famously known on YouTube as Cut, Poison and Burn. There have been no new developments on general cancer treatments for over 50 years - but ever so slowly, oncologists are beginning to realise that they have to begin to think out of the box - the box that has constrained their freedom from seeking options other than the Big 3.


And this is coming down to two areas that Integrative  and Holistic Medicine has been shouting from the rooftops for years - lifestyle and nutrition.






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This protocol, which has stood the test of time, is based on firstly reducing or eliminating carbohydrates, sugars and dairy every day - so as to reduce or eliminate the cancer cells food source - an intake of anti-cancer and antioxidant whole foods - anatomical meditation - a carefully chosen selection of powerful supplements and a range of aerobic and stretching exercise that promotes musce tone, strength and flexible joints  maintains general levels of all round fitness.


The health of the body is the best defence against illness and oxygen is the primary fertiliser.


So it basically comes down to leading a lifestyle, that creates and maintains a healthy cellular environment.  In healthy, oxygen-rich tissue, cancer cells lose the evolutionary race to the healthy cells;  cancer cells are outcompeted and they die, or at least their population is held in check and remains insignificantly small


So it comes down to oxygen rich whole foods  - read vegetables - with a small mix of fresh fish and meat - and absolutely no processed foods at all at any time.


And a carefully chosen selection of food supplements and multivitamins, that should include liposomal Vitamin C - is essential.


Most ingestion take place between 8am and 2pm - from then on it is only liquids until the next morning at 8am, which boosts the number of white blood cells each day and the more of these we have the better, as they help to keep cancer cells and cancer stem cells in check.


In the morning….


Therapeutic dose of liquid oxygen supplement, which passes directly into the bloodstream as it is able to penetrate the mucous membrane directly from the mouth, throat or oesophagus, and which is what makes it so effective.


1 small teaspoon of pure sodium bicarbonate in 200 ml of water to boost alkalinity.


20 grams of liposomal vitamin C which also boosts the number of white blood cells.


Daily Raw Vegetable Rocket

Using a juice extractor with a single auger, like those found in a millstone for best results, as a blender will eradicate the enzymes in raw foods with its centrifugal force...


All chosen for their anti-cancer and anti-dioxidant properties.

All fresh and raw and chopped into small enough pieces or lengths to be easily fed into the extractor and mulched.  

Choose from:

2 large  or 3 medium carrots

I large red, orange or green pepper

5 large slices of ginger root

Half a small beetroot

2 medium tomatoes

3 Broccoli stems

3 large asparagus stems

1 large celery stick

1 3 inch long cucumber

1 small Garlic clove

2 Chinese Leaf

A variety of herbs - Dill, Mint, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

1 small tspn of Organic Ground Turmeric powder or 3 small raw Turmeric roots.

A good dose of ground black pepper.

Hand stir the Turmeric powder and pepper into the juice and drink slowly over a period of ten minutes.  Never leave standing for too long as the effect of the juices lessens over time through oxidisation.


30 minutes of anatomical meditation.

Using conscious thoughts as energy, which are directed  to the location known to be affected, in order to have a positive healing effect at the cellular level.


A low to no carb breakfast after or with the vegetable rocket drink.


1 medium glass of hot lemon water - to add to the alkalinity.


A home made vegetable soup which is added to each day resulting in fermentation - on a bed of raw spinach.


A small fillet of salmon, tuna or sardines on a bed of chopped raw kale, spinach, onion, peppers, cucumber and grated carrots, with a sprinkle of raisins, nuts and seeds, and a generous splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


And in the afternoon….


2pm Cut off - no more solids in the afternoon or evening or reduce them down to a minimum.


20 minutes – anatomical meditation.


Various Herbal/Green teas infused with lemon and ginger  - small glasses periodically.


Do this for 5/6 days of the week and then give yourself a bit of a break on Sundays.


At the beginning and end of each day measure saliva and/or urine pH levels -  maintain them both at around 8.0-8.5, which shows a high level of alkalinity. here ...