David Passmore

In 1983 I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph glands.


I refused conventional medical treatment, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy available at the time.


With the full approval and support of my oncologist, I chose instead to learn about the physiology of the disease, focus my mind through meditation training on it, educate myself on the best nutrition to boost my immune system, alter my lifestyle appropriately, exercise regularly through my martial arts activities and to practise this each and every day.


My experience showed me that my relationship with me had broken down and it needed to be fixed, as this relationship – the one with my Self - is the most important one I was ever going to have and it needed to be a stable and happy relationship, in which I took sole responsibility for my illness and set about making myself well again.


By the end of 1985 I was completely free of any signs of the disease.


I am still an outpatient at the Royal Marsden in Sutton, England.


I now use my experience and knowledge to teach people to use the power of their minds to help them make permanent changes to their everyday lives in a mix of exercise physiology and meditation, high water content food ingestion plans, using positive psychology and a spray of moral philosophy, designed to achieve equilibrium with your Self.


I have successfully helped people with eating disorders by educating them about the physiology of digestion, the beauty and wisdom of our bodies and the power of proper nutrition to rid themselves of the disorder.


In my weight loss tutorials I have a high success rate for permanent weight loss conditions by altering peoples psychological relationship with their food and liquids and assisting them to make permanent changes to their behaviour in this area.


I have helped people with common emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, working on their strengths, using positive psychology and moral philosophy, to train their brains to manage their emotions successfully.


I teach meditation to people of all ages and encourage them to make a habit of doing this every day and those that have gone on to do so have experienced permanent changes to their relationship with themselves.


I have been training in and teaching the traditional Japaese martial arts  and philosohy since the early Sixtiies and have a wealth of experience in exercise physiology, fitness, strength, flexibility and movement.


I use this experience to teach people to keep their bodies fit and strong as they grow older, as it improves the quality of their daily lives immensely, with simple to understand and easy to do exercise routines that can be done in the home without the need for equipment.


I believe that we are all capable of making positive changes to our lifestyles, so that we can lead healthier and happier lives – we just need to convince ourselves enough to find the time to do so.


So do get in touch - I can help you make a difference.



Weight loss and energy balancing


You and your emotions

Back Care

Bespoke exercise designed for you



All tutorials are conducted on a one to one basis in person, by phone, text, email and skype.



See below for a little bit of a mini bio on me



David began the study of traditional Japanese Budo (martial arts) and philosophy in 1961 and is now one of the highest graded individuals in three distinctly different disciplines – Karate – Aikido and Iaido (the art of sword drawing) outside of Japan.


He competed in national and international karate tournaments, including, representing the province of Natal at the South African Games.


He founded Budokan in London in 1970.


Trained briefly under Harada Sensei in Shotokai Karate in London .


He began the study of Traditional Aikido in 1974  and was incredibly lucky to have trained  under Senseis, the likes of Chiba, Kanetsuka, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Sekiya, Tamura, Saito, Asano and many other eminent Japanese and European teachers, across Europe, especially in France.


He was the Founder Secretary of the British Aikido Board in 1978.


In the same year, he began training in Iaido under Sensie's Ishido and Hiroi, under the tutelage of Vic Cook within the British Kendo Federation.


He served as the Chairman of the British Martial Arts Commission, within the UK Sports Council for two years.


He also teaches and practises Zazen – seated  meditation- in the Soto Sect of Zen Buddhism tradition.  This silent meditation, or Shikantaza, uses the technique of conscious breathing to maintain the physiology of attention that induces calm, clarity and concentration and is practiced every day as an integral part of his study of traditional Japanese Budo and philosophy, and in his own personal development.


Today, he currently holds the title of Kyoshi (Master in Waiting) with the Nippon Dai Butokukai in Kyoto, Japan's oldest traditional martial arts organisation, and holds the ranks of 6 Dan Karate, 6 Dan Aikido and 6 Dan Iaido with them.  He trained in all three disciplines at the Butokuden in Kyoto, Japan, in 1998, 2002 and 2008.



David has developed a method, which he calls Equilibrium – finding the right balance – which he is introducing to both the corporate and consumer market in the form of workshops, in order to educate, inform and inspire people to maintain their physical health and emotional wellbeing – at home, in the community and at work.


Professional background in the field of sports marketing and healthcare

Launched The Spirit of Sport Ltd a company dedicated to raising funds for sport worldwide

Successfully raised funds for major events, including SportAid in London in 1986.

Launched, managed and distributed SporTime magazine for the General Association of International Sports Federations in Monaco.

Founded, launched and published Sport Business Magazine in London.

Set up and operated Healthways, the first UK executive medical health and fitness centre.

My Cancer