Eat and drink to live

31 cancer foods

If you had been diagnosed with cancer and were told that something you were eating every day was feeding your cancer - what would you do?  You would probably talk to your oncologist or other members of your cancer care team to get some advice.  And they would tell you that what you eat and drink has little or no effect on your cancer. One senior oncologist told a friend of mine just a few years ago that there was “no connection between diet and cancer - eat what you like”.


The science is saying something different .

So, where does that leave you - well that leaves you in a predicament of carefully planning your food and liquid intake each day, using your energy diary.


Cancer cells struggle to survive in a high oxygen environment.  Try doing conscious breathing exercises regularly during the day to increase the number of oxygen cells in your blood.    


Begin to take an effective multi-vitamin supplement which has all the trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins in it. Preferably a version that does not need to go through the gastrointestinal tract, which loses much of its efficiency in the digestive process. Better to get one you can spray on the tongue, which travels directly via the membrane into your blood and cell tissues.




Vitamin C is toxic to cancer cells.  A cheap way to get this into your system is to buy ascorbic acid from a reputable health shop or supplier - don’t buy this randomly online - and take small doses during the day with meals up to bowel intolerance. Up to 4 or 5 grams a day should be tolerable  and if not switch to magnesium ascorbate.   Vitamin C intravenous infusions - termed IV -   can be quite expensive - if you can afford it - do it.   Not NHS friendly - so you won’t get any there.  It is up to 10 times stronger than the powder form and goes directly into your tissues and cells. On the other hand  an exciting and much more affordable  recent development  is liposomal vitamin C, which is much stronger than IV - some say up to 10 times stronger.

What is a liposome?  Well its a tiny bubble, which is the natural way phospholipids form and when they are filled with vitamin C, these little bubbles of vitamin C stay intact, until they are delivered to exactly the right location of your cancer.


And if you have the time and the disposition, there are ways of making your own - see how to do so on  the homepage.


Raise the levels of white cells in your blood - Vitamin C does this as do various vegetables.  You can also do this with a 2-3 day liquid only fast, which is known to boost your immune system with the production of new white blood cells.


Try intermittent fasting, where you take in the majority of your calories in the mornings up to lunch time and don't eat any solids until the following morning - which will spike your white blood cells each day.


 The nutritional elements need to be geared to boosting your immune system at all times, (particularly where ill health is present) and to ease the energy the body needs to digest and properly eliminate food and liquids, as digestion is the biggest user of energy in the human body. That means the right food in the right combinations as much as possible.


In order to begin to permanently alter the way you behave around food and drink, it is essential to raise your awareness of yourself as the physical and emotional effect of food and drink on the human anatomy is immediate and awesome, particularly from the viewpoint of ignorance, addiction and self-abuse.   


Marc David the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating says “It’s fascinating how stress, fear, anxiety, anger, judgment and even negative self-talk can literally create a physiologic stress response in the body. This means that we generate more cortisol and insulin, two hormones that have the unwanted effect of signaling the body to store weight, store fat, and stop building muscle",

And these two hormones also drive cancer growth.



I would strongly suggest you consider following these guidelines if you have cancer and definitely if you have metatastic cancer.



Make your own - see Homepage.

Take 3 g - 1 teaspoon -  every 2 hours up to 20 g daily.



From Best Naturals

Take 2 600mg tablets with food and a drink otherwise you may get a bit of reflux.




4,000iu per day



A big handful of Brazil Nuts  every day - soak them in Almond milk for an hour to soften them if you like.



Transdermal Spray


Follow dosage instructions



Top of the list of anti-cancer herbs


















Dr. Steve Hickey

Dr. Hilary Roberts.


The evidence shows that most people  are simply not aware of what it is that drives cancer growth and I was one of them.  This was one area I had to research for myself entirely and there was simply no advice, nor was there any literature provided on this aspect of living with cancer.


When you look into the cancer growth drivers, it is well known that glucose is one of them - the principal one, as it happens. So it stands to reason that if you reduce glucose in your diet - that will have a negative affect on cancer growth.  If you overdose on sugar content, for example - that will spur the growth of cancer.


Yet nobody tells you this.


And they go on feeding high sugar content foods and liquids (processed foods and liquids) to cancer patients in hospitals all over the world.


If you have cancer - then you really must begin to take this message seriously.


Each time you eat or drink food or liquids with carbohydrates or sugar in them - you are feeding your cancer.   Carbohydrates breaks down into glucose and of course so  does any food and liquids containing sugar, including most fruits.


Go and check your carbohydrate count relevant to your solid and liquid intake - just  Google -” list of carbohydrates in food”.


The same goes for your sugar intake - search for “list of sugars in food”.

If you could implement a daily routine that will restrict or eliminate these foods and liquids entirely, this action alone  will have an impact on all cancers both slow and fast growing.


Unfortunately, this means discipline - a  form of self-discipline that most people simply do not possess in ordinary circumstances.


But now your circumstances have changed - they are very different indeed from what they were before, which will act as a great motivator and keep you focussed.  And you simply have to adopt a new set of priorities to deal with your current medical condition you are now having to live with.


See Mind over Cancer?


Here are some practical bits of advice which I hope you will find useful.


Create an Energy Diary.

Something you will stick to for 6 days a week and then allow one day - usually a Sunday - to be with your family, relax and indulge a little.

Along with your breathing, everything you eat and drink is energy in.

Everything you do   - is energy out.


Best way to start is to record everything you eat and drink on a daily basis for a week from 7 in the morning to 10pm at night - make a note of it all and keep the times.


Once you have completed that - it will give you some idea of what you are eating and drinking every day - now make a list of all the constituent elements that make up this list of yours.


How much sugar and carbs are there?

Now begin to work on restricting or eliminating them altogether.


Oxygen in your daily diet.

The key component of your food and liquid ingestion should be oxygen, which you get via the air you breathe, the liquids you drink and the food that you eat.


Breathing is first - try to be conscious of your breathing as often as possible throughout each day.  

Learn to breathe gently and deeply from the abdomen - without any tension anywhere. You do this naturally when you go to sleep at night - so practicing this when you are lying on your back, for instance, is easy.  But in an upright position - this can take a bit of practice but is not difficult to do.  When done, you can do this anywhere and anytime.

On a train, bus or plane - when you are at your desk, while slowly walking, even when driving.

As I said - anywhere - anytime.

And every time you do this you raise the levels of oxygen in your blood.


See Conscious Breathing.


Liquids you consume should be dominated by the thought that what you drink does not contain any sugars or very tiny amounts only.  Sugar free is best.

And that means, by and large, fruit drinks are out and drinks that are low in alcohol.

Lemon water - with fresh lemons - is a great drink - especially first thing in the morning and then throughout the day topping up. As you probably know, lemon is very acidic - but when absorbed into your digestive tract, it becomes alkaline for your tissues - perfect for impacting cancer cells - which prefer an acidic cellular environment. Did you know that you can tell whether you have an acidic environment just by the first taste of the your lemon water - if it tastes bitter - you are acidic.


The only foods that have oxygen in them are what are called - whole foods.

All fresh vegetables are abundant in oxygen.

So are all fresh fruits - but most contain sugar in the form of fructose.

And yes, you guessed it - fresh fruits are out too. depends in what form you eat them.


Go to GreenMedInfo and read this really helpful article.