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We all suffer from stress at some time or another.

The trick is to recognise that your life has become stressful and then to find the time to do something about it.

Stress is critical in relation to general aches and pains.

And where does stress begin?

From your responses to the environment you are in or have built around you and the people in it which can be subject to massive change.




It mostly begins in the gut as that is where we all feel our emotions.

And what follows is a general tightening of our core muscles, the abdominals, in the front of the body and which extends to and is felt in our lower backs.

This overall surface muscular tension, eventually begins to affect the connective tissue in the deep muscles of the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and the legs.

This spreads into the intercostals - the muscles between the ribs - and you end up with a general tightening of the entire torso.

And the results are general aches and pain in the neck, for example, making it difficult at times, just to turn your neck when you are doing a simple thing like driving.


So. its all about giving yourself a little TLC and this is a great way to do it.


Most of us experience moments of reflection, contemplation or meditation almost every day - we just call it something else.

A beautiful sunset - a never to be forgotten act of sacrificial kindness - a stunning smile from someone you love - your favourite smell - a spine-tingling sound of music, all of which are moments that take your breath away, rising up as feelings in your gut area, all of which you become conscious of in your mind - and then the thought slowly drifts away along with the feeling, as something else grabs your attention.


In order to practice any form of meditation, you will need to be able to focus your attention for short periods of time.

And this is done with something you do sub-consciously over 20,000 times a day.


Your breathing.


Slow, gentle, conscious breathing = raised levels of oxygen to the cells and muscle tissue = a deeper form of relaxation + raised levels of serotonin, the daytime calming hormone.


You can do this anywhere without going to any meditation classes – on your bus or train – great when flying – at your desk – watching TV – when you are online – out walking on your own - the list is endless. 


10 minutes or so - once or twice a day.


Just by becoming conscious of your breathing for a time.

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