Do you ever think about the effect the food you are eating is going to have on your cells and tissues?

Not in a bad way.  But in a good way.

Like eating to live.  As opposed to living to eat.

If you look at this image below very briefly - it will provide you with a subliminal message for your sub-concious  mind, about healthy cells and gut flora or bacteria.

Now, what would happen if you listened to a short 10 minute podcast every day, that raised your levels of concentration and reinforced the idea of only eating foods that make common sense to eat for healthy cells and bacteria?

And not eat foods that lead to unhealthy cells and bad bacteria?

In other words your cells won’t reject them or store them away as fat cells and they will always use them for energy and immunity for the benefit of your gut flora.

The link between your “second brain” - your gut -  and your big brain are now well established.  

There are as many neurotransmitters in your gut - the alimentary canal from the mouth to the rectum - than there are  in your central nervous system (CNS).

It is also known as the Enteric Nervous System - the ENS.

And what goes on throughout the ENS can have a dramatic impact on the way you think and feel.

“Its main role is controlling digestion, from swallowing to the release of enzymes that break down food to the control of blood flow that helps with nutrient absorption to elimination,” explains Jay Pasricha, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Neurogastroenterology, whose research on the enteric nervous system has garnered international attention. “The enteric nervous system doesn’t seem capable of thought as we know it, but it communicates back and forth with our big brain—with profound results.”

Think about food

So if you’re feeling happy and content much of the time and all seems well within the ENS - each and every day - then the likelihood is that you are treating your body kindly  - with the right range of foods and drinks - at the right times - in the right way - for the right reason and in the right quantities  and your gut cells and bacteria are all delighted.


In order to achieve this state of BodyMind (I call it) - makes for a pretty disciplined  and clear mind.

A mind that is attentive to the needs of your body at the cellular level.


And if you are not feeling happy and content much of the time - then the chances are you may be depressed, anxious, or even suffering from something like IBS - irritable bowel syndrome and a host of other gut related health - or ill health - issues.


And that probably means that your mind is busy and therefore not able to be as attentive as you would like it to be, with regard to its nourishment,  as you find yourself stressed out, always working late, eating quickly and normally on the run, mostly processed foods and so on.


Find time to stop the rot - which is precisely what is happening to your gut cells and bacteria.


Listen to your gut.

bacteria in gut