Do you think or believe that we have the ability to consciously assist the healing process from within?  

So.... thats just not helping your immune system by eating raw food and taking supplements (although that wouldn’t be a bad thing) - its about changing your mindset - your brain - and harnessing the power of your mind.


Your auto-pilot is your sub-conscious brain - its massive and is much more powerful than your conscious brain.


When your flight or fight response is triggered - it is done so by your amygdala in your old hind brain - now known as your limbic system  - long before the conscious brain kicks in.

The amygdala acts as a kind of sentry and when it feels something is wrong, it quickly alerts the attention centres in the prefrontal cortex - the conscious brain - to do something, at times, very quickly indeed.


But your conscious brain can and does teach your sub-conscious brain how to doe things.

Remember when you began to learn to drive a car, trying to coordinate your hands, arms, legs, feet and eyes?  All over the place, probably.  And now?  You don’t even think about how to drive anymore - you just do it, or rather your auto-pilot takes over that task for you while you plan your route and have a chat with whoever is with you.


And the same goes for most motor skills you have acquired over the years - you just get on and ‘do’ them, don’t you?


But what happens when you turn your conscious mind or brain to a particular exercise?


In Ian Robertson’s fascinating book, Mind Sculpture, “unleashing your brains’ potential” he describes research that points to the ability of the brain, sculptured by experience, that using focussed thought, attention and imagination, can have a direct effect on muscle strength, that can actually be measured.

He quotes tests that have been carried out under laboratory conditions, of a control group of males and females, across a broad age range doing nothing, another group pumping iron in a gym and the third group, thinking about the exact exercises and reps the pumping iron group were doing over exactly the same timeframe.  After six months, the group in the gym had increased muscle strength by 30%. Now that you would expect.


What you would not expect in your wildest dreams, would be that the thinking group increased their muscle strength by 22%!


Literally, a thought process that is shown to influence the body, with amazing results.


What is a thought?  It is an impulse of energy in the brain.


Wherever it goes, a chemical goes with it - its called a neurotransmitter.

Its ‘all in the mind’ ends up being an attitude, literally, of mind, or rather more pragmatically, of the brain.


In The Brain that Changes Itself, Norman Doidge, tells the story of the personal triumph of a NYC professor in his early 60’s, who is paralysed from the waist down after a severe stroke. He had two sons - one a neurologist and the other a physiologist.  They both got to work to teach their father how to walk again - right from the beginning - from how we all began - by crawling.  Slowly and painstakingly, their father began to get the use of his legs back again, by doing the exercises given to him by his sons, each and every day.

Two years after his stroke, he was able to resume his work at NYC.

However, the really interesting bit of this story is, that when he eventually did die from natural causes, an autopsy was performed on him, which revealed that his brain cells that died in the original stroke, were indeed still the same.  Further investigation now showed that he had developed brand new brain cells to enable him to perform the motor functions required to allow him to walk again.


What is the brain capable of?


I instinctively used anatomical visualisation on my cancer of my lymph nodes. (See About)  Each day on the train to London and back, I would use the time to use the conscious breathing technique I used in meditation - and still do - to raise my levels of concentration.

I would do an anatomical tour of my body and end up focussing on my lymph glands throughout my entire lymphatic system, especially those that had been identified as being malignant.


I would simply give these nodes my attention, each and every day and by so doing, directed my energy to them in my neck, groin and deep into my shoulder girdle - what I believe was my very own healing energy.


I would use my slow conscious breathing technique to help me maximise the oxygen levels in my blood, knowing that cancer does not like an oxygen -rich cellular environment.


In the preface of their 1986 book, The Healing Brain - Robert Ornstein and David Sobel, simply stated “the brain minds the body”.


They didn't apologise for the pun.


I call this the BodyMind and I am convinced that we should do more research to harness its powers in the healing process.

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What part does the mind play in sickness and in health?

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