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“Everything depends on the mind”  

especially when in comes to chronic illness, like cancer.


organs that require them - where the brain is able to control precisely the dosage and timing of the release of it s own drugs to maximise specific desired effects and minimise side effects”. And of course now we know so much more of the role of the hormone producers - the endocrine glands - not just in the brain, but in the body also.


Scientists from Candace Pert to Guilia Enders, have paved the way towards closing the gap between the brain and gastrointestinal tract and how these two seemingly separate entities of human physiology, in fact almost operate as one.


All of this physiological activity occurs at the subconscious level - we are mostly not conscious of this happening at the time it does - as we consciously go about our business of the day and the night.  Your auto-pilot is your sub-conscious brain - its massive and is much more powerful than your conscious brain, moat of the time.


When your flight or fight response is triggered - it is done so by your amygdala in your old hind brain - now known as your limbic system  - long before the conscious brain kicks in.

The amygdala acts as a kind of sentry and when it feels something is wrong, it quickly alerts the attention centres in the prefrontal cortex - the conscious brain - to do something, at times, very quickly indeed.


But your conscious brain can and does teach your sub-conscious brain how to doe things.

Remember when you began to learn to drive a car, trying to coordinate your hands, arms, legs, feet and eyes?  All over the place, probably.  And now?  You don’t even think about how to drive anymore - you just do it, or rather your auto-pilot takes over that task for you while you plan your route and have a chat with whoever is with you.


And the same goes for most motor skills you have acquired over the years - you just get on and ‘do’ them, don’t you?


But what happens when you turn your conscious mind or brain to a particular exercise?


Last year I wrote an article entitled  -  Healthy Thinking - What part does the mind play in sickness and in health?

In it I wrote of the fantastical studies conducted by Ian Robertson and Norman Doidge, in which seemingly unbelievable results were achieved and observations made, by the mind-body syndrome - what I call the BodyMind.


As we are all now pretty well aware, the conscious mind, at a certain level of heightened awareness, is capable of controlling the sub-conscious mind for short periods of time, and of training it to perform functions automatically.


Jonathan Haidt coined the useful analogy of the Rider (conscious mind) and the Elephant (sub-conscious mind), in his book The Happiness Hypothesis - the explanation of the never ending relationship between the power of reason in the conscious mind and the instinctive power of the sub-conscious mind.

And how much better it was for both, when they agreed to work together.


So, what if our larger sub-conscious mind, were not only able to utilise the inner pharmacy of endorphins and endocrine glands it possesses, but in collaboration with our smaller conscious mind, was able to utilise ingested natural ingredients to target specific locations in the body and assist the healing process in chronic diseases?


This is exactly what I did, which lay at the very core of my daily protocol. And its not just having the "right mindset", or "getting your mind round your cancer" - it is getting your conscious mind into it - at the cellular level.   Which means having total belief in what you are doing.

The first 5 words of this headline, was a chapter heading in R H Blyth’s beautiful collection -  Zen in the Art of English Literature -  first published in 1942 by Hokuseido Press in Japan.


It was true then as it is true now.


How we think affects everything we do and when it comes to chronic sickness, our minds play a pivotal role.


In the preface to their 1986 book, The Healing Brain - Robert Ornstein and David Sobel, simply stated “the brain minds the body”.  (They didn't apologise for the pun).


They wrote of the pharmacy within - “the continuous flow of chemical messages, neurotransmitters and neurohormones -  produced and secreted by the brain to

At last, a new model on cancer. Is this the common sense way to deal with cancer?

Dandelion of hope
Our mind as powerful as painkillers1

Cancer + Meditation  = Mind/Matter.

Your mind is an essential tool in the process of managing and overcoming your cancer.

Any regular visitors to this site will know of my experiences and thoughts about Meditation and Cancer.


Equally, I am very clear about the power of the mind, when it comes to the process of healing and altering the plasticity of the brain.


My experience of this BodyMind syndrome - which is characterised by a combination of  beliefs, emotions and behaviour - was critical to the long process of me overcoming my cancer.

Healthy Thinking
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Our mind as powerful as painkillers
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Alcohol increases risk of breast cancer

Two-thirds of all prescriptions for antibiotics are being made for conditions the drugs can’t treat.

Antibiotics target only bacterial infections, but doctors are handing them out for viral diseases, a new report has discovered...........

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Alcohol intake increases the risk of breast cancer

Thanks to the altruistic collaboration of 334,850 women between the ages of 35 and 70 from ten European countries, an international team of researchers has once again corroborated the link between alcohol consumption and an increased risk of suffering from breast cancer............

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Processed meat can cause cancer

Researchers have evaluated the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat. They classified the consumption of red meat as probably carcinogenic to humans, based on limited evidence that the consumption of red meat causes cancer in humans and strong mechanistic evidence........  

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Height influences risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer

The relationship of the worldwide increase in height with the development of leading chronic non-communicable diseases has been revealed in a new article.........

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What's lurking in your lungs? Surprising findings emerge from microbiome research

Findings could lead to better prevention, treatment of pneumonia, more

:With every breath you take, microbes have a chance of making it into your lungs............

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Germs, humans and numbers: New estimate revises our microbiome numbers downwards

January 28, 2016

Weizmann Institute of Science

The bacteria living in our bodies are important for our health. The makeup of each person's microbiome plays a role in both the tendency to become obese and in each individual's reaction to drugs........

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Our mind is as powerful as painkillers—and it’s getting stronger

Our mind is as powerful as painkillers, even when there has been nerve damage, new research has discovered. Giving people a placebo, or dummy pill, works just as well as an actual drug, and achieves similar levels of pain relief............

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Emotionally supportive relationships linked to lower testosterone

A new study focuses on a large, representative sample of aging U.S. men and the ways their testosterone varies when they have emotionally supportive relationships............  

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Antioxidants cause malignant melanoma to metastasize faster

Date:October 8, 2015Source:University of Gothenburg

Summary:Antioxidants can double the rate of melanoma metastasis in mice, new research shows. The results reinforce previous findings that antioxidants hasten the progression of lung cancer. People with cancer or an elevated risk of developing the disease should avoid nutritional supplements that contain antioxidants, the researchers say........  

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We need to learn how to manage cancer ourselves as we get older, because the chances are, so many of us will be diagnosed with it*.

Not by trying to destroy our cancers as we are currently doing, with horrendous effects on the patients wellbeing and quality of life,  but by making our cellular environment hostile to the growth of cancer cells, whilst at the same time promoting the fitness of healthy cells.............

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“In a grassy lawn, the health of the lawn is the best defence against dandelions”.


The health of the body is the best defence against illness and ocygen is the primary fertiliser.


So why do we try to wipe out the dandelions, instead of fertilising the lawn?


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The Indian Government has  recently claimed that they will soon have a cure for cancer based on “cyclic” meditation using Yoga asanas.   And the claim will be proved next year when medical trials have been completed, says India’s minister for alternative medicine.


That is a huge claim and they would not have let it leak out into the public domain - if there were not some truth in it.


I can vouch for it.


I use meditation as the single most powerful part of my protocol each day, to reinforce my belief in the power of the mind - the conscious mind - to work in tandem with the sub-conscious mind in the management of my cancer, by the establishment and maintenance of the BodyMind - in which the mind and the body synchronise for short periods of time, in order to focus attention on the anatomical location of the cancer, with the support of a healthy cellular environment.


It worked for me.


And people have been asking me to produce some material of what it is that I do.


Well, much of this material is to be found on this site in the Living with Cancer section.


But you will also need the Meditation and Cancer podcast.

And the one on Conscious Breathing, unless, of course, you already know how to do this highly concentrated tupe of breathing.