Mind over Cancer? It helps.

This daily mind routine led to the acceptance of my illness and the possible outcome of which would be my death.  Once I had embraced my cancer as something that was a part of me, I felt I was in a much more powerful position to influence its pathway and I was far less likely to grasp at the straws on offer, in a knee jerk reaction to the fear of losing my life.


It is this visceral fear that drives cancer people to undertake one or all of the big 3 - operation - chemo - radiation - and once they are on that conveyor belt, it is very difficult to step off it.  And by the time you do - you may well be suffering from the side effects of all or any one of them.


In any event, you will need your mind on your side.


The practice of mind training using conscious breathing, will help you enormously to deal with the consequences of your choice, culminating in huge reserves of will power and mental resilience.


All schools and traditions of meditation have one thing in common - attention.

Some schools may use a mantra; some a focus on something like a candle; others may chant; and yet others may use what is now called mindfulness.


No matter.  All ultimately require raised levels of attention in order to focus the conscious mind.


The method I use to focus my attention is conscious breathing.


The way we breathe affects the way we think and feel and how we function in our daily lives. We all normally breathe 15-20 times a minute and the second we begin to think about how we are breathing, our breathing slows down …….try it for a minute ………. you are now in the realm of conscious breathing…….after 5 minutes of conscious breathing, your vagus nerve (the happy nerve) and one of two of your 12 pairs of cranial nerves connected to your gastrointestinal tract, will have begun to increase the levels of serotonin - the daytime calming hormone in your blood, 80% of which is in the gut -  and this will lead to a calmer you – its that quick and simple.


Doing this for a minute or two is easy.

Doing this for 20-30 minutes, so as to fully engage your conscious mind at a high level of attention, is not easy.

And it takes practice.

Just like it took you a long time to master your piano chords - not like Sparky’s Magic Piano, but your very own fingers making that very beautiful sound.

Or, how to hit your golfball sweetly off the tee every time you did so - straight down the fairway - how many swings did it take to get that right and how much time (and money) did you invest in doing so?

I have written elsewhere on this site about the role of the mind in sickness and in health and for me, this is an area just crying out for research.

My own experience through the daily practice of meditation, or mind training, using conscious breathing over the years, has led me to conclude that the use of my conscious mind on my cancer helps me enormously to cope with the fears of its possible consequences, which was, and still is, a major motivating factor to maintain the discipline of a daily regime to control and manage what I eat, drink, think and do.  



I would strongly suggest you consider following these guidelines if you have cancer and definitely if you have metatastic cancer.



Make your own - see Homepage.

Take 3 g - 1 teaspoon -  every 2 hours up to 20 g daily to maintain dynamic flow.



From Best Naturals

Take 2 600mg tablets with food and a drink otherwise you may get a bit of reflux.



From betteryou.com

4,000iu per day



A big handful of Brazil Nuts  every day - soak them in Almond milk for an hour to soften them if you like.



Transdermal Spray

From betteryou.com

Follow dosage instructions



Top of the list of anti-cancer herbs


















Dr. Steve Hickey

Dr. Hilary Roberts.

Well, breathing doesn’t cost any money - but it still takes time to get the technique of conscious breathing right, as you need to breathe from the abdomen and use the diaphragm correctly.


The next thing you need to learn, is a bit about your anatomy and especially that bit that has the cancer and other areas of your body that may be affected. In addition to this, it is useful to know what a cancer cell looks like and particularly, what your cancer cells look like.


It is important that you know the location, as this is where you will be directing your attention after you have spent a few minutes raising your awareness with conscious breathing.


Images are freely available online - just Google your location and go from there.


Once you have raised your awareness, you have to focus all of your attention on your cancer, wherever it is in your body, with each breath you take and especially when you breath out.


Now bring your body’s entire toolbox into play that will help to deal effectively with your cancer at the cellular level: For example -white blood cells- anti-cancer agents and antioxidants in your food  and liquids - high levels of oxygen - red blood cells - a high alkaline cellular environment - multi-vitamins - Liposomal Vitamin C - and specific foods you have eaten that are known to be harmful to your type of cancer and so on.


On the one hand, you are ingesting solids and liquids on a daily basis, as part of your routine, that will result in a hostile environment to your cancer on a physiological cellular level.


On the other hand, and at the same time, you are  also promoting the fitness of your healthy cells, by doing so with the oxygen diet in place - good breathing practice promotes higher levels of oxygen in blood and tissue - drinking the correct liquids ensures a high level of oxygen in them - eating whole foods will guarantee an alkaline cellular envrionment and will boost the level of white blood cells and the immune system, which is housed in the gastro-intestinal tract.


The conscious mind needs to ensure that the sub-conscious mind is aware of this every day - like anything else - the sub-conscious mind needs to be taught how to do this by the conscious mind every day, until it becomes routine.


Remember the first time you tried to drive a car or ride a bicycle? How often do you think about what you are doing now?   As opposed to just doing it  - the auto-pilot - your subconscious mind has taken over.


Get your mind round your cancer 24/7.