The Passmore Protocol

My daily protocol, which has stood the test of time, is based on firstly reducing or eliminating carbohydrates, sugars and dairy every day - so as to reduce or eliminate the cancer cells food source.


It basically comes down to leading a healthier lifestyle, thereby creating the correct cellular environment for a healthy body.  In healthy, oxygen-rich tissue, cancer cells lose the evolutionary race to the healthy cells;  cancer cells are outcompeted and they die, or at least their population is held in check and remains insignificantly small.


So it comes down to oxygen rich whole foods  - read vegetables - with a small mix of fresh fish and meat - and absolutely no processed foods, if you can help it.


And a carefully chosen selection of food supplements and multivitamins, that should include an oxygen supplement, if needed, an effective multi-vitamin spray  and liposomal Vitamin C - all essential.


Most ingestion take place between 8am and 2pm - from then on it is only liquids until the next morning at 8am, which boosts the number of white blood cells each  and every day.


A daily dose of up to 20 grams of liposomal vitamin C -  which passes directly into the bloodstream as it is able to penetrate the mucous membrane directly from the mouth, throat or oesophagus, and which is what makes it so effective.

It also boosts the number of white blood cells.

I take mine with Alpha Lipoic Acid, whch boosts the half life of Liposomal Vit C from 10 minutes to 30 mins.

To make your own - go to  -


30 minutes of conscious  or rhythmical breathing or meditation and anatomical visualisation.  

Using conscious thoughts as energy, which are directed  to the location known to be affected, in order to have a positive healing effect at the cellular level.


Or just to raise your levels of serotonin and induce calm, raise leels of conscious awareness and improve clarity of thought.


A low carb wheat and gluten free cereal for breakfast.


1 pint jar of green tea with 3 slices of fresh lemon, 3 slices of fresh ginger and a small spruce of fresh mint.  

All  adsd to the alkalinity and to be sipped throughout the day and into the evening.

All ingredients very high anti-cander agents.


Whole body stretching exercises.



Liposomal vitamin C.


My Daily Raw Lunch


All chosen for their anti-cancer,  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

All fresh and raw and chopped into small pieces.

What you don't use one day is easily refrigerated for the next day.

Choose from:


Red pepper

Ginger root

6 cherry tomatoes

Broccoli stems

large asparagus stems

Celery sticks

Asection of cucumber



1 small Garlic clove or part thereof

3 hefty forkfuls of souerkraut

A variety of herbs - Dill, Mint, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

1 small tspn of Organic Ground Turmeric powder mixed in medium glass of almond milk withgood dose of ground black pepper.



Liposomal vitamin C.



And in the afternoon….


2pm Cut off - no more solids in the afternoon or evening or reduce them down to a minimum.

20 minutes – conscious breathing energy meditation and anatomical visualisation.


Still sipping Green teas infused with lemon and ginger and fresh mnt - small glasses periodically.


...and in the early evening....


Liposomal vitamin C.


...just before bed...


Liposomal vitamin C.


Do this for 5/6 days of the week and then give yourself a bit of a break on Saturdays or Sundays.