Last year a large and extremely overweight client of mine with high blood pressure began a weight loss programme with me. His equally overweight  wife was so impressed by the weekly weight loss routine that I had created for my client, that she adopted it too.


The only problem was that she was far more disciplined than he was.


Having lost an impressive 12 kg in 6 weeks, his work, travel and a penchant for burgers and tasty titbits on the go, got the better of him and he dropped out.


She, however carried on with her routine, eating her fresh fruit and vegetables and suggested liquids at particular times every day, according to a basic philosophy and psychology of eating.

In order to begin to find the right physical and emotional balance, it is critical to understand how you behave around food and drink – what your relationship with it is.  It is not just what is being eaten, but in what quantities, how it is being eaten, when this takes place, its frequency, in what combinations it is being consumed and what mood one is in when this happens.

She continued to lose weight for 12 months and is now, with her doctors approval snd amazement, completely off her diabetes drugs regime, which she thought she would be on for the rest of her life.




However, nothing good in life comes easy, and she had to work at it each and every day.  And still does.


And that's the thing - if you are prepared to do something about your health - with the right mindset -  you can.

Type 2 Diabetes is reversible and drug free.

Why aren’t doctors encouraging people to do what this lady did?

Type 2 Diabetes is reversible and drug free