Vitamin C - once the villain - now the darling in the treatment of cancer.

I have been banging on about this for decades and now Vitamin C is on track to be pulled in as a therapy in the treatment of cancer.


I never thought I would write such a thing, as oncologists have long since poohed poohed the idea as being the stuff of nonsense - and scientific nonsense at that.


My first experience of using Vitamin C, began in 1983 with my follicular lymphoma and I can vouch for its efficacy - it certainly helped me to overcome my cancer then.


Researchers at the university of Iowa believe that vitamin C therapy has failed in the past because it is used incorrectly and therefore unsuccessfully.


These scientist have found that giving high doses of Vitamin C intravenously creates blood levels 100-500 times higher than with oral ingestion.


Read the report here.


Intravenous Vitamoin C, (also known as IV Vitamin C)  is  currently exhorbitantly expensive. It is effective as a treatment for cancer, as it is injected directly into the blood and cell tissue which bypasses the need to enter the cardivascular system orally via the gastrointestinal tract - the Gut.


However there is now an alternative that is up to 10 times stronger than IV - and that is LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C whihc is much, much cheaper and is now more readily available.


In fact, if you live outside the US, and have the right equipment, you can make your own - its easy.


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