What are you doing?

The one question an oncologist never asks a patient managing their own cancer naturally.


They just don’t want to know, as whatever it is you may be doing does not conform to their expectations of your illness pathway and anything outside of that simply confuses them.

Or does it?  

These are all highly trained, intelligent individuals.

How can they be confused?


What amazes everybody I know that has had this experience bordering on incredulity in the consulting room, is why?


Why indeed.


I have anecdotal evidence of oncologists flatly refusing to hear what their patients are doing, which must do wonders for the much vaunted and revered doctor - patient relationship.  Or is it because they have been so brainwashed that that they sincerely believe that no protocol, other than the ones they are offering, will be of any help to their patients?


If I was an oncologist, I would, at the very least, be curious as to what is going on inside my patients cells, that allows them to manage their cancer without my help, simply on the basis that if something was working, I would really want to know about it . Wouldn’t I?   Well, yes I certainly would.


Or should we all just shake out heads in resignation and follow the money?


T Colin Campbell, nutritionist and author of The China Syndrome,  recites a story where cardiac surgeons who had sent patients to him had stopped doing so, because he was curing them of their cardiovascular disease with nutrition, resulting in fewer heart bypass operations to perform, thereby reducing their income.


Hipoocrates must be fuming on the medical ethics in play here - don't you think?