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In 1983, I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma.
I was deeply tired and losing weight.
During my investigative procedures I found out that oncologists only have 3 tools in their toolbox.
Surgery - Drugs - Radiation.
And they are not allowed to recommend any other options otherwise their licence will be revoked.
A senior consultant recommended a drug called Chlorambusol which came with interesting side effects.
I asked him “If your wife had this type of cancer, would you recommend it to her?” He said “No”.

That was the day I became a health activist.
I refused all of their offers and went my own way as an outpatient of the Royal Marsden in Sutton.
I  wrote this soon after my diagnosis that same year -
"I don’t want to fight it their way,

I want to fight it my way.

And this takes courage.

The single virtue that most people lack when it comes to their own life threatening illness".

I tried every other option that I found of use to me.

The primary ones were high dose Vitamin C, D, Magesium and Zinc supplementation along with raw and cooked high anti-oxidant vegetables and herbs.

And a daily dose of anatomical meditation.

After 2 years I was free of cancer and I remained an outpatient until I was discharged 30 years later.
As luck would have it, in that same year - 2013 - I was diagnosed with T3b Metatastic Gleason 9 Prostate cancer.
After years of traumatic and time consuming visits with endless consultants to review countless investigations into my condition, I discharged myself from my Oncology Unit on the grounds that they were causing me such great personal and pernicious harm.
I have never presented any symptoms and I have never felt as if I had this cancer - like I did in '83.
I follow a pretty strict daily protocol,  all of which I know is good for me and I am feeling in mint condition.



Bad luck comes into it.
Over 60% of cancers over the age of 60 are by random mutation.
Sixty percent of all cases with cancer, and 70% of cancer-related deaths occur in patients aged 65 years and over.
Add to this the simple premise that as we age our cells are simply not up to always reproducing perfectly as they have been doing for however many decades old we are.
Like many respiratory illnesses of the northern hemisphere, cancer is primarily a disease of the elderly.
The big four are lungs, breast, bowel/colon and prostate.

The next two big causes of cancer are stress in your everyday life with family, work, finances, recreation, sleep and social life. Especially the relationship you have with all of it and how you manage them on a daily basis - a big factor of stress related chronic disease.



And then there is your daily nutrition.
If you are not boosting your immune system every

day with the majority of what you eat and drink,

then you are compromising it.
Which does lead to chronic illnesses such as cancer.
And there is no diet on the planet that gives you a

ll of the nutrients you need over time.
Everybody needs to supplement.

And if you have cancer, in high therapeutic doses.

See Gut 

Symptoms are really tricky sometimes to pick up.
I have just been reading a story about a Doctor who for the last 5 years during his incredibly fraught training and medical education suffered the most incredible pain in his lower and upper back and just took ibuprofen for the pain. 
When he did seek help his x-ray showed that one lobe of his liver was gone, both lungs were infected and various signs were picked up in his bloods that there was evidence of cancer in multiple sites.
This 36 year old Doctor died within 2 years.
He had a terrible diet and just didn’t pick up the signs to look into them as he was too exhausted from his workload.

My Sister suffered from years of lower backache which no one seemed to be able to do anything about. Nine years ago she popped onto a flight to South Africa to attend a great friends wedding. Whilst attending the happy event she felt the pain worsening. A few days later she was admitted to hospital crippled by the pain. An operation revealed that she had untreatable cancer of the Pancreas.

She never returned to the UK and she died 3 months later.
It is the number 2 cause of lower back pain - so keep an eye on it.

As little as 20 years ago 1 in 5 people on average had cancer.
Now it is 1 in 2.
It is a major failure of how modern nations have been encouraged to live and of their public health systems complete ignorance of the role of nutrition in the maintenance of general health and well-being as opposed to the shocking existence of a chronically sick and medicalised society.

For most folks in their 50's going on 60's life can be still be very busy, so it is not surprising that people can overlook signs that something is not right.

When you feel a pain that you can't remember experiencing before, make a note of it in your diary - so you can come back to it.
Particularly the time and the location.
If you go to bed with back pain for example in most cases, the following morning it will have disappeared.
Unfortunately by the time pain caused by cancer appears it will probably have lived up to its name as the silent killer because of the spread.

Two BIG early symptoms to watch out for.
Firstly, unusual and deep tiredness.
The "what is the matter with me?" type of energy loss.
Not the tiredness you feel at the end of a long and hard day.
At times you feel as if you want to fall into a long, long sleep.
And there is no warning.

It is not consistent with the time of the day.

And secondly there is inexplicable weight loss.
Noticed at first by your workmates and friends and then your family, who probably noticed it first but didn't want to upset you or themselves.
If everything else around you is normal - like sleep - active recreation - social norms - relationships - eating and drinking - and there is mostly a slow and consistent weight loss you may have a problem.

Of course, they can occur independently of each other and they could be symptoms of something else.

If they are happening concurrently - it is as well not to ignore them.
You need to investigate.

Say "Hello" to investigative procedures.

If you do have cancer, you really do need to spend as much valuable time that you have in finding out about your cancer especially and cancer in general.

Knowledge is power and you are going to need it in great big chunks to rid yourself of the fear that the oncology industry thrives on for its existence.
An existence in which doctors struggle against huge odds.

And you really must question everything.

As I mentioned earlier, you will also need courage, a healthy scepticism and a sense of humour.
All of which will help you to always seek out healing options outside of those "treatments" that oncology offers you.
Options that don't harm you.
Options that hugely boost your immune system - an important daily requirement.
Options that you know are doing you good because you can feel it.

Three of my best friends have died in recent years from 3 different types of cancer, because they were all told there were no other options.
It was a belief that had sad and unnecessary consequences and all were heartbreaking to watch.

If you had been diagnosed with cancer and were told that something you were eating every day was feeding your cancer - what would you do?
You would probably talk to your oncologist or other members of your cancer care team to get some advice.
And they would tell you that what you eat and drink has little or no effect on your cancer.
One senior oncologist told a friend of mine just a few years ago that there was “no connection between diet and cancer - eat what you like”.

The science is saying something very don't take nutritional advice from an oncologist or a doctor - they are not trained to give advice of this type. 

Seek the answers out for yourself based on two simple premises:

1   How to reduce cancer cell growth.

2  How to boost your immune system.

and both on a daily basis.

The evidence shows that most people are simply not aware of what it is that drives cancer growth and in the early 80’s I was one of them.

This was one area I had to research for myself entirely and there was simply no advice, nor was there any literature provided on this aspect of living with cancer.
Thankfully this is beginning to change as we see some cancer charities beginning to advise on food and lifestyle changes for cancer people.

Why has it taken so long?

Well...that's another story.

When you look into the cancer growth drivers, it is well known that glucose is one of them - the principal one, as it happens.

So it stands to reason that if you reduce glucose in your diet - that will have a negative affect on cancer growth. If you overdose on sugar content, for example - that will spur the growth of cancer.

Yet nobody tells you this.

And they go on feeding high sugar content foods and liquids (processed foods and liquids) to cancer patients in hospitals all over the world.

This little book is a Gem!
Good authors live in fear of their publishers coercing

embarrassing titles on them!
Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts provide a wealth of

information in such a short book, along with detailed

therapies that help you at various stages to create your

own daily protocol, including prevention.

Easy to read and understand they advise a high dose

supplentation regime of Liposomal Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic

Acid, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium to complement

your dailyintake of foods (mostly raw) and liquids.

And practice daily anatomical meditation.
If you know the location of your cancer and have a strong sense of self belief - this definitely helps and above all gives you incredible inner strength and a real sense of purpose.

See Just Sitting

Reduce weight as excess weight promotes the growth of hormones which in turn help to grow cancer cells.

Always try to get a good nights sleep, as melatonin, the calming hormone produced during sleep is also a powerful antioxidant.

Getting regular exercise is not only good for the body and

the mind anyway, but it also reduces insulin levels,

which is a cancer cell growth promoter.

Get your mind round your cancer and the manner in

which you deal with it day by day - it really helps.

Help your body to heal itself - its very good at it.

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